Why Us

Dealer Quality Services without Dealer Prices


 Vast Experience
  • 30 years in auto service and repair
  • 30 years in auto restoration
  • 20 years in professional racing, (as a driver and a builder)
 Straightforward, Dependable and Flexible  Service
Just the necessary services and repairs are performed

We advise our customers when to replace their cars so that the cost of repairs do not exceed the car’s value.

Whether you are faced with time or budget constraints, we will do our best to accommodate you needs. We can provide a timeline of the necessary services your car needs, in an attempt to prevent those untimely or costly trips to the repair shop.

Quality Tools

Our large tool boxes are not for show. They house a vast array of high quality tools that  gets the job done effectively and efficiently.

State of the Art Equipment

We continually invest in the latest equipment:
Computerized Diagnostics Machines
Hunter Wheel Balancer – GS9700
Hunter Wheel Alignment
NYS emissions equipment

Why We Do What We Do

Simply, we like helping people.  From arranging tow service to diagnosing a complex car problem, we are here to help.We are the first ones our customers call, when they are in need.We listen, we care and look forward to serving you the best that we can.