Our History

     Ever since he was a child, Rocco has had a fascination with cars, especially muscle and race cars. He started collecting and restoring muscle cars before he had a license to drive! At sixteen, he and a friend built their first race car and started drag racing at Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey. Then Roc stopped for awhile to get married, start a family and a business.
Rocco’s First Race Car
Pro Stock Custom Built by Roc & Co.
However, the racing fever struck again when his eldest son was about six years old. Roc decided to build a pro stock car. His son helped design the exterior paint colors.  Roc competed in local circuits including New Hampshire and went 200 mph, seven seconds in a 1/4 mile.


     In 1992, Rocco opened Rocco’s Service Center, Inc. after successfully operating an auto repair shop in Scarsdale for five years. Roc began his career in the industry as an auto mechanic at the age of fifteen. His vast knowledge and experience has been augmented by his hobbies: racing and restoration. Racing has given him a unique opportunity to experiment.  Restoring cars has enabled him to be familiar with every aspect of car design and repair.
Currently, Roc is fine tuning several race cars for the current drag racing season. He has quite a few classic muscles cars in different stages of the restoration process.